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    Quote Originally Posted by Ancient Dragon
    QT is also NOT free for commercial use -- only free for private use where the end product is not for sale. Otherwise, QT is portable between *nix/Unix, MS-Windows and MAC. If you contact a distributor you will probably get a trial version for *nix, if that is what you want.
    Well it depends. Qt is GPL'd and as long as you keep your code open source you can use it commercially without any restrictions, so if the company would have no problem with making the code opensource he could use the windows opensource version. I believe MySQL has a similar license, which would require proprietary commercial software to have purchased a license..

    So I would say that if Qt cannot be used freely here, then MySQL also cannot.. If your gonna have to buy one, might as well buy both eh? or opensource it, which would be the best move, IMO..

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    Well thanks for all the info.
    I'll now read all what they have to say on their pages.
    And I'll now think how will I orginize that. and so on.

    I have get lot's of usefull informations.
    Well I dont know will I give open code. Probably I will. But I'll see. That will append much how shall I make that.
    But I dont want break out from standard like MySQL (as I know most of servers have that) so probably I'll go with that. Now will it be C++ with QT or C#. That I'll see for what I have libraries that have better integrasion into compiler (more VS versions and in what oether free compilers).

    Only one thing is for sure it will be MySQL or MS Access database.
    All computers are on WinXP so it can be MS Access database but heh MySQL is most wided.
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    Only one thing is for sure it will be MySQL or MS Access database.
    Forget about using MS Access -- it can't handle very large number of users at the same time.

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    One final thing about licenses: the GPL doesn't require you to release your code. It only requires that, if you release it, you grant those you release it to the same rights as you got for the libraries. (Effectively, this means releasing under the GPL, but not quite.)
    This means that if this is just something you do for your company internally, you can use all the GPLed libraries you want and never worry about licenses - if your company is the copyright holder (and that's the usual case in in-house development), there is no release.
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