Thread: When should I delete Objects ?

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    Question When should I delete Objects ?

    Hello all,

    I have the following code which prints out all the videos I have stored in a linked list :

    void viewList(list<vid> &li)

    cout<< "\t\t\t\t *List of films*\n";

    cout<< "\t\t\t*****************************\n"<<endl;
    for(it=li.begin(); it!=li.end(); ++it)
    vid t;
    t = *it;
    cout << "\t\t\t" << t.getTitle() << endl;
    cout<< "\t\t\t*****************************\n"<<endl;

    What I want to know is if this code is BAD ? Do I have to delete the vid Object t which I use to enable me to print out the title each time.

    If so do I do this in a destructor and how ??

    Thank you


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    You usually delete objects as soon as they're no longer needed if you're using a large program, but if it is a matter of indifference, just at the end. If deleting objects becamse a major task for you, you may want to try using Java. It's very similar, but has automatic object deletion. As soon as an object is no longer referenced, the JVM deletes it.

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    I also wish to know how this is done though ?

    How does he delete the vid Object, and does he actually need to delete it ?

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    non-static non-global objects are deleted upon the end of their scope, but anything else requires manual deletion.
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