Thread: Cant compile and run

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    Cant compile and run

    Im just learning c++ so ignore my ignorance but when i build up a program and compile it, its ok, but when i try to run it, a black box pops up and goes within a split second. This happens with many dos programs i have run. any ideas?


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    Yeah - check out the FAQ.

    What's happening is the computer does everything you ask it to do, and when it's done, it closes the window your program was running in. The way to solve this is to have the computer wait for input at the end of your program. Look for FAQ entries about having your program wait for input.

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    Thx for the help, i googled "wait for input C++"

    And it told me to enter system("PAUSE"); at the end, worked a treat, thx

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    Okay, now check the FAQ and know that doing so is not recommended.

    FAQ > How do I... (Level 1) > Stop my Windows Console from disappearing everytime I run my program?
    FAQ > How do I... (Level 1) > How do I get my program to wait for a keypress?
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    You should use std::cin.get() instead of system.
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    Or just run the program from the command prompt . . . or just read Dave's FAQ links (especially the second one).

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