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    Here, experienced C++ programmers can give beginners pointers. This is a great beginning program:
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
      char letter;
      cout<<"Please enter a letter: ";
      cin>> letter;
      cout<<"You entered: "<< letter <<"\n";
    Explanation for code:
    This code reads the letter entered by the user and writes it.

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    Um... what exactly are you attempting to do? Do you have a question? A series of tutorials already exists on this website. If you feel you can contribute to the references provided, feel free to contact webmaster or kermi3. However, the purpose of this forum is to answer questions that people have concerning their programs.

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    [Not an experienced C++ person.]
    using namespace std;
    The above is something to avoid because it generally abrogates the purpose of namespaces.
    The above affectation is generally added in response to a particular IDE rather than being a necessary part of the code.
    The above is discussed in the FAQ. It may or may not have the intent of the original programmer.

    [edit]And not returning a value from main may presume previous knowledge of a lengthy history of the C and C++ programming languages.
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    Sorry, I just took something from when I was starting and reading tuts and copy and pasted what I made. I forgot abouit the unneccessary parts.

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    This site's tutorials are here:

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