Thread: copy constructor causing errors

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    copy constructor causing errors

    i have a class that looks like this

    class player
        player(string name = "", int si = 0):_name(name){_spriteIndex = si; instanceCount++; cout << endl << "constructor of " << this->_name << ":: there are " << instanceCount << " players" << endl;}
        ~player(){instanceCount--; cout << endl << "destructor of " << this->_name << ":: there are " << instanceCount << " players" << endl;}
        //player(player &rhs){_name = rhs.get_name(); _spriteIndex = rhs.get_spriteIndex(); instanceCount++; cout << "copy constructor:: there are " << instanceCount << " players" << endl;}
        string get_name() const {return (_name);}
        void set_name(string name){_name = name;}
        int get_spriteIndex() const {return (_spriteIndex);}
        void set_spriteIndex(int si){_spriteIndex = si;}
        static int get_instanceCount() {return (instanceCount);}
        string _name;    
        int _spriteIndex;
        static int instanceCount;
    when i leave the comment in i can compile the program with no problem. when i take it out, it doesn't increment the instanceCount when it is coppied, which i need it to do. i get an error when i try to initilize a vector of type player.

    it says:
     in concstructor 'std::vector<_Tp,_Alloc>::vector(size_t)[with_Tp = player,_Alloc = std::allocator<player>]'
    line 50 : vector<player> players(0); instantiated from here
    no matching function for call to 'player::player(player)'
    candidates are player::player(plyaer&)
    	player::player(std::string, int)
    in function 'void std::_Construct(_T1*,const_T2&)[with _T1 = player,_T2 = player]'
    why is the copy constructor causing errors and how can i fix it. thank you for your help.
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    Doesn't a copy constructor need to be of the following form?
    player(const player &rhs)
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    yup he's right

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    Not like this.
    player(player rhs)

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