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    warning C4511

    I am using MSVC to compile a C++ application and getting these

    warning C4511: 'serialCom' : copy constructor could not be generated
    warning C4512: 'serialCom' : assignment operator could not be generated

    The .h file is below. The warnings occur when I add the line std:fstream logfile;

    I have read the msdn website and I know how to turn off the warnings form being displayed but I want to know how to eliminate it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

     * serialCom.h
     * This header file contains all the functions required to use the serialCom class
     * Author: Amish Rughoonundon
     * Date: 19 Dec 2005
     * Version 1.0: Initial
    #pragma once
    #include <windows.h> /*This header contains function used only in windows*/
    #include <string>
    #include <iostream> /* iostream is used for input and output */
    #include <fstream>/* fstream is used for file accessing*/
    class serialCom
    	/* Variables */
    	/* Functions */
    	 * serialCom()
    	 * This is the constructor for the class serialCom.
    	 * Param:  None
    	/* The destructor for makeSimFile Class */
    	/* Variables */
    	std::ofstream logfile;
    	/* Functions */
    	 * This function sets up the serial serial port communication.
    	 * Baud rate: B115200 
    	 * Data size 8bit, non-parity, 1 stop bit with Hardware flow control.
    	 * PARAM: portname:- The name of the serial port
    	 *        fd:- The handle of the serial port
    	 * Return: Return an error code which is a negative number 
    	 *         depending on what went wrong in the function.
    	 *         Refer to for more information
    	 *         If no errors 0 is returned.
    	int setupConnection(char* portname, HANDLE *fd);

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    Add your own copy constructor and assignment operator?

    • A class with any of {destructor, assignment operator, copy constructor} generally needs all 3
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    7. It is easier to write an incorrect program than understand a correct one.
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    Thanks for the answer although these websites I found provided more in depth information on the subject:

    Hopefully they can help other people.

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    Specifically, the problem is that std::ofstream does not have a copy constructor (how would it work with exclusively opened files?), therefore the compiler can not generate a default member-wise copy constructor for any class that contains a std::ofstream.

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