Thread: Saving .IMA files...

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    Saving .IMA files...

    Lately I am messing up with bootdisks and I'd like coding a small command line application that takes as parameter
    a folder,
    a .bin file as boot sector,
    a size type (1.44MB or 2.88MB essentialy),
    and output a .IMA files keeping all files of the folder with the .bin file as boot sector.

    That program would be analogous to MS cdimage.exe that outputs a .ISO file.

    So, my problem is, does exist a info page about .ima files? Or how can I know where to puts the file's contents for making a valid ima file?

    Actually, this question may be extended about every format.
    How do you know how to save corretly a known file format? Like a .jpg, or a .mp3 file?


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    WOW, it is *really* great. Thanks a lot.
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