Thread: why cant i.....

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    why cant i.....

    why cant i ask how to do that?
    and plz stop closing my topic.......
    i read the rules, is it bescause you think it is 4 hacking?.....
    its not...

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    ROFL, this is too funny.

    It doesn't matter. We can't tell what your intentions are, and if you went out of your way to make a keylogger the odds are you'd be using it for something that invades privacy.

    I'd consider PMing a mod before making another topic when you were warned about being banned.
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    Keyloggers are almost always invasions of privacy. That's illegal. Illegality is specifically mentioned in the forum rules.

    Matters like this should be taken care of via PM. If your thread is closed, DO NOT start another thread to discuss why.

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