Thread: Adding elements to array?

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    Adding elements to array?

    If my main has the following code

    int main(void){
      Resort R[100] = {
                       {1267.45, 3, "Barcelo Marina Palace", "Varadero", "Cuba", "(416) 234-2345"},
                       {2159.99, 21, "Iberostar", "Varadero", "Cuba", "(416) 234-2346"},
                       {2400.26, 415, "Golden Crown Paradise Spa", "Cancun", "Mexico", "(416) 234-2444"},
                       {2899.54, 64, "Secrets Excellence All Suites Resort", "Punta Cana", "Domincan Republic", "(416) 234-2347"},
                       {1849.64, 51, "Melia Cayo Coco", "Cayo Coco", "Cuba", "(416) 234-2347"},
                       {1889.84, 15, "Aventura Spa Palace", "Mayan Riviera", "Mexico", "(416) 254-5547"},
                       {3849.04, 45, "El Dorado Seaside Suites", "Mayan Riviera", "Mexico", "(416) 254-2527"}
        rb(R, 7);;
    Later on in my program how can I do the following

    R[7] = {0,0,"","","",""};


    How might I be able to remove records in that array too?

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    if you want to add and remove elements you should use a std::list
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    Quote Originally Posted by INFERNO2K
    Later on in my program how can I do the following

    R[7] = {0,0,"","","",""};
    You can't. This syntax is only valid for initialisation. This is an assignement.
    What you could do is to initialize a temporary and copy.
    Resort tmp = { 0,0,"","","","" };
    R[7] = tmp;

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    int main(void) {
        /* ... */
    You don't need that semicolon, and you should have a return 0.

    You can dynamically allocate an array, or use a list, as suggested.

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    >how can I do the following
    >R[7] = {0,0,"","","",""};
    Set up a constructor for your Resort class that takes those arguments and then you can do this:
    R[7] = Resort ( 0, 0, "", "", "", "" );
    And if you're lazy like me, you'll use those values as the default arguments so that you can then do this:
    R[7] = Resort();
    >and you should have a return 0
    You can, but it's not a requirement. C++ returns 0 from main implicitly if you fall off the end. Of course, that's only on modern compilers. If you're using a compiler that was shipped before the standard, it's hit or miss whether not returning 0 is undefined behavior or not. That's why it's a good idea to keep up to date. At least then you have some solid rules to fall back on and complain about to the vendor when it still doesn't work.


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