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    File I/O Question

    Hey guys, the following code is part of a program I am working on and as a newbie to c++ I have come across a problem. As you can see when the case is J the int J is increased by 1 but how do I go about doing this if for example instead of J I want to use a word like joke? Is it possible using IF statements?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    ifstream file("c:\file.txt");
        if (file.is_open())
        while (! file.eof() )
            while (file.get(ch))
    		switch (ch) {
                                 case 'j':

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    A word like "joke" is a string, so to do this with a word instead of a character you must read in a string. Use the string datatype, and read in the word with file >> or getline. Use >> if you want only a single word, use getline if you want the whole line including spaces.

    Then you would need to use an if statement instead of a switch, since switch only works with integral types like int or char.

    BTW, you would want to put the call to operator>> or getline into the control of your while loop instead of eof(). That is not the best way to loop through the contents of a file because the read itself might fail. The return value of the operator>> call or the getline call automatically tells you if the read succeeded or failed, and so it will catch the end of the file automatically.

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