Thread: Storing a function argument

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    Storing a function argument

    Ok im trying to hook that function
    void __stdcall ZCharacterManagerFindHook(MUID uid)
    I want to know how do i store the arguments value to use it latter.

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    A functor is a class that acts like a function. It overloads the function call operator:

    class ZCharacterManagerFindHookFunctor {
        MUID muid_;
        ZCharacterManagerFindHookFunctor(MUID m)
            muid_ = m;
        void operator()() {
    void func(ZCharacterManagerFindHookFunctor& f)
        // Invoke the functor
    int main()
        MUID m;
        ZCharacterManagerFindHookFunctor f(m);
        // Pass the functor to a function, or store it in a data structure,
        // or whatever
        return 0;
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