Thread: Reading info from a text document.

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    Reading info from a text document.

    Hi all, I want to be able to read info from a text document, and have the user select it for the program I'm writing. The text document will be full of names, they will be numbered and each on a new line. If the user wants to get one I'd like it so that they'd only have to put in the number of the person they want to select, and that will be stored as a variable. does anyone know how to do that?

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    I'd use the <fstream> library as I use it all the time.
    Just declare 2 variables to assist reading in the numbers and the name, so an int and a char[].

    Then keep looping the variables and compare them until you find it.

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    Assuming you are using C++, I would use a string instead of a char[]. You could read in each line and store it in some sort of container. One possibility is a vector, which would work well if the numbers start at 0 and are consecutive. You could also use a map, which automatically sorts the data based on the key (the number).

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