Thread: Programming for palm palm os (4)

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    Programming for palm palm os (4)

    Has anybody here done it? How difficult is it, I've never real seen a 'console' app. so I'm guessing it will be a few levels up from where I'm at. I have clie(sj22, os 4) and I can think of alot of simple things that would be useful, so I'm curious how much I have to know to make a basic program and start using those simple Ideas. I'm more interested in computer (linux specifically, eventually) programming, but to make a few apps for the palm along the way would make learning a little more worth while.

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    I once looked into the API for PalmOS and it is, I think, strongly influenced from the Mac Toolbox API from the old 68K days. Its a nice API, easy to understand, should be a joy to program with!
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    I've always had a niggling to change platform as far as programming goes - merely to try something new. I'd be interested so if anyone finds any good links it'd be worth posting them up here (I need a palm first )

    EDIT: Anyone know anything about programming mobiles?
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