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    Running code in the background

    So, I want to program a card playing engine**, but the engine needs to be able to calculate while it's the opponent's turn (so it makes moves quicker and for other obvious reasons). Meaning there has to be a certain block of code that's always running, unfortunately I don't know how to do that. Ideas and help would be appreciated.

    ** It should play Thirteen when completed (A variation of Tien Len )


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    Multi threading

    Look up some multi threading tutorials. I do not have any online tutorials on multithreading, sorry.
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    Here's the thing...
    I don't know the specific card game you're talking about, but I'd be willing to bet that it's nothing so complicated that a computer couldn't compute it's next move in an immesurable amount of time. Computers can process thousands of possibilities in under a second.

    If you really wanted to have it think while you're playing, though. windows.h has functions that can process stuff while it's waiting for a signal from the keyboard.
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    try search "_beginthread()" on MSDN

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