Thread: Getting Output from an external process

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    Getting Output from an external process

    I have seen your tutorial "How Do I... Run a program from within a program."
    Oh wait... perhaps I should describe what I am working on. I am working on an GUI IDE for g++. It will have auto-complete, syntax-highlighting...ect. I plan on using wxWidgets as my GUI. So I figured if the gui is platform-independant shouldn't everything else.
    Which brings me to my questions
    Q1. How do I... Run a program in a specific shell (OS independantly) such as an Editbox?
    Q2. How do I... Retrieve output form the child program (OS independantly) such as error message.

    I am trying to avoid using a bunch of #ifdef #endif.
    I don't care if it's C or C++ (if it's C I'll just wrap it in a class).
    Thanks in advance for your aid.

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    are you aware how big your project is?

    e.g. you basically need to write a c++ parser for auto-complete and syntax highlighting
    (and im working on a c-parser right now - and that is hell already...)

    besides i think eclipse already features all that stuff for c++
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    This is more for my own advancement than to distribute for other users. Yes I do know how big it is.

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