Thread: input/output + Object Files ?

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    Question input/output + Object Files ?

    Hello all,

    Does any one know if it's possible in C++ to read in from and write to Object files like you can in Java.

    For example if I wanted to save a linked list of Objects to a file which could then be easily read back in next time the program is run ?

    Thanks in advance


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    Take a look at reading/writing binary to/from a file using ifstream and ofstream. Here is a simple tutorial:

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    why would you want to write object files when...

    1.) the compiler does it for you... and
    2.) the linker links them for you...

    there would be much to learn if you were to go about making those! if you mean to say just files which organized data objects, [which is what i think you did, since david responded in that tact], then using streams and f* functions in <stdio.h> will do you nicely...

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