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    Need help please...


    Sorry this is probably very basic stuff, but I don't really have any background in this area. I looked in the FAQ's and did a quick search but didn't see what I needed.

    I work in a lab that has a HP OpenVMS machine that we run remotely on a PC, using Exceed software from Hummingbird. The problem is if someone is using a program on the VMS machine it can not be run on the PC at the same time (color issues I am told). Hummingbird has a program called Exceed XDK, that it says you can port an existing program, recompile it and run it on the PC. I talked with someone from the hummingbird, and said this should solve my issue about running them at the same time.

    But I just don't know how to do that....It says that I need Visual C++, I downloaded the Express version, (I am assuming this will work). But that is about as far as I got.

    I have no idea how to get the program into VC++ and then compile it...I have tried figuring it out but will little success...

    Can anyone lend me a little help, or point me in the direction that has some basic instructions on how I would accomplish this?

    Thank you all in advance....sorry again if this is a topic that has been covered a lot.

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    usually source packages have a makefile
    either a file that is simply called makefile or Makefile or (something).mak
    maybe there is a makefile.Windows or a README.txt (or somthing like that)
    that tells you HOW to compile the source.

    you can try:
    go into the directory of your source and say something like

    im not using vc++, so i dont know if that nmake behaves as the gnu-make.

    if there is a makefile and nmake fails, i guess there is some "import makefile" option in vc++
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    Thumbs down Probably not so easy...

    First, you'll need the source code. (You cannot start with the .EXE file.) Is the application written in C or C++?

    Is the application open source? If it's open source you may be able to find a pre-compiled PC version, or information on how to compile the code (required 3rd-party libraries and recommended compiler.)

    If this is a custom program written in-house at your organization, the in-house (or contract) programmers should be able to help you.

    If this is a commercial program the source code is copyrighted and a trade secret... you cannot get it.

    The problem with porting is that most real-world C/C++ programs contain non-standard system-specific code. For example, there are no graphics, color, or sound in ANSI/ISO C++. This means that you have to find and re-write the sections of code that do not compile or run on the target compiler / system. Apparently, Exceed XDK is supposed to help you with this task.

    The program you want to port is not a Hummingbird program, right? In that case they are probably just recommending Visual C++ in general. They may not know what compiler and libraries that you really need for this specific program.

    Porting is not a task for beginning programmers unless the original code is ANSI/ISO compliant or the program is very simple. It porting was easy, you would find all commercial programs available for both the PC and Mac, and maybe a few other platforms.

    Darn! Sorry to be so freeking negative!

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