Thread: Pow {2.,} ???

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    Pow {2.,} ???

    What does this function ? The ., is messing me up! I have never seen this syntax before.

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    A 2. is a double with the value of 2, whereas 2 is an int with a value of 2.

    But providing full context would make this less of a guess as to what you are asking.
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    What does this function ?
    I don't think it's a function. It looks more like an initializer list.

    Maybe it looks something like this:
    double Pow[size] = {2.,};
    If so, it initializes the first element in Pow to 2.0, and the others to 0.0.

    BTW, you can use 2.0 or (double)2 if it's more readable for you.

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