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    Anyone have a quick suggestion?

    What would be a good idea for a programming final project, like some sort of game but with a mediate level of difficulty, as this is a introductory course in programming?

    ANY ideas? or like I was thinking along the lines of a slot machine game, with random numbers and luck of the draw you win or lose by having sets of 2 numbers at any time, and continue playing and so on... any other ideas?

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    What was the last thing you covered in this class?

    You'd want a program that uses EVERYTHING you've learned thus far in the class.
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    I like the slot machine idea. You can add different levels of betting (bet 1 coin, bet 2 coins, etc). You can start with a simple 3 picture display, but then expand to 9 pictures so you can win across or diagonally. You can save different game types to files so you can load the different game on startup. There are plenty of expansion options depending on your knowledge. And it would be fun to test and see if you could "win".

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    I agree SlyMaelstrom. Your instructor wants to see what you're learned. Can your slot-machine program demonstrate the more advanced topics covered later in the semester? These are probably more important than the early stuff (which you'll probably need in every program anyway.)

    The two most important concetps in programming... the two things that make computers really useful are loops and conditional branching (if-statements and switch-statements). A slot-machine could demonstrate both. GOOD!

    Assuming that you''ve covered OOP (objects & classes), you need to demonstate their use.

    Talk to your instructor. You don't want a program that's too Mickey Mouse, but you don't want one that's too difficult either... It's getting too late in the semester to start a major project. (And, you couldn't start until you'd covered the material.)

    These things always take more time than you think! It might be a good idea to write a program that's "expandable". Start with something that works... something that you can turn-in. Then, add features 'till you run out of time. Now, that's very bad "programming practice"... You should always have a specification ahead of time. But, it's more important to turn-in a program that actually runs!
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