Thread: need help with simple knapsack problem

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    need help with simple knapsack problem

    Hey guys, ive been working on this program for a week and a half now for my independent study cs class, for anyone who doesnt know what the knapsack problem is heres how it goes: in a knapsack you have different weights, but with those weights you can arrange them in difffernt combinations to achieve a "goal" weight, if anyone can help me out with this id appreciate it heres what i have so far :

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <lvp\string.h>
    #include <lvp\vector.h>

    void LoadData(/*int n,*/ int goal, vector <int> &KnapsackArr)
    //Pre: None
    //Post:Enters data into array, enters number for search

    // vector <int> KnapsackArr (n);
    int n=0;
    cout<<"Enter value (0=done) : ";

    while (KnapsackArr[n]!=0)
    cout<<"Enter value (0=done) : ";

    cout<<"Enter goal (0=done) : ";

    void FindCombo(int &n, int &goal, int newnum, vector <int> &KnapsackArr, vector <int> &UsedArr)
    //Pre:Array with values in array
    //Post:Returns combinations for number
    if (KnapsackArr[n]==goal)
    cout<<KnapsackArr[n]<<" ";
    /*else if (Knapsack[n]!=UsedArr[n])
    cout<<KnapsackArr[n]<<" "<<n;
    } */
    void DisplayResults(int &goal)

    if (goal!=0)
    cout<<"No Solution";

    int main ()
    int n, goal, newnum;
    vector <int> KnapsackArr(10);
    vector <int> UsedArr(10);
    LoadData(goal, KnapsackArr);
    FindCombo(n, goal, newnum, KnapsackArr, UsedArr);

    return (0);

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    Is it ok to find just one solution, or do you need to find all of them? I posted a solution to this problem a few days ago, although I don't think it had this name.
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