Thread: Multi-file in C++ with class

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    Multi-file in C++ with class

    I am very new to c++ programming ,i getting struct now with working multi-file with class.I am facing problem to access the class which i was declared in other file.for example

    Please i kindly seeking your help to execute more than one source file with class.
    thanks &regards

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    Read the posting rules.

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    Place the class declaration in a header file. place the class function definations in a cpp file which includes the header file.
    In your other files which use the class include the class header file.

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    A couple of points:

    1) An include statement causes the contents of the specified file to be inserted at the spot of the include statement.

    2) Before a name can be used in a file it has to be declared.

    A .cpp file may start off with a definition like this:
    void MyClass::someFunc()
    The problem is neither the name MyClass nor someFunc has been declared in that file, which violates point 2). But if you include the header file for MyClass at the top of the file, it declares both the name MyClass and someFunc, and then you can use those names.

    Since you presumably create some class objects in main(), if you do this:

    MyClass a;

    once again MyClass has to be declared before you can use that name. So, you need to include MyClass.h in main() as well.
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