Thread: ISO C++ Forbids it!

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    ISO C++ Forbids it!

    Program wont compile because of a:
    Comparison between pointer and integer
    Can this program be saved? Is it badly written? I'm only new, so any help's much appreciated.

    ( I should probably comment my code - But, sometimes I comment not enough, sometimes I comment too much. On larger programs I comment, but on smaller ones, I think when left un-commented, they look nicer )

    class operate{
                 char oper;
                 int w;
                 int x;
                 int recognize(char opr, int y, int z);
                 int add(int y, int z);
                 int multiply(int y, int z);
                 int divide(int y, int z);
    int operate::add(int y, int z){
        return y + z;
    int operate::multiply(int y, int z){
        return y * z;
    int operate::divide(int y, int z){
        return y / z;
    int operate::recognize(char opr, int y, int z){
        if ( opr == "+" ){
             return add(y,z);
        else if (opr == "*" ){
             return multiply(y,z);
        else if (opr == "/" ){
             return divide(y,z);
        else {
             return 0;
    int main(){
        try {
            operate calculator;
            cout << ">>>";
            cin >> calculator.w;
            cout << ">>>";
            cin >> calculator.oper;
            cout << ">>>";
            cin >> calculator.x;
            cout << calculator.recognize(calculator.oper, calculator.w, calculator.x);
        catch (...) {
              cout << "Default error. " << endl;
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    opr == "+"
    opr is a single char and "+" is a string.
    You need to use
    opr == '+'

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    Thanks -
    Sorry to post so much code for such a simple mistake

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    main() should return a value (but it doesn't have to; 0 is returned implicitly).

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