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    Question help with random function

    i got a friend thats writing some c++ right now and he needs some help with a random function. he has a text file and it has 222 words in it but he needs to know how to make a random function that will take a number between 1 and 222 and pull the word in that line of the text file and use the word it pulled as the word. And btw hes making hangman if u need to know

    and he's using dos not a gui
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    You \b\b\b your friend should visit and type rand into the search box.

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    1) Get the random number in the proper range

    2) Use the >> operator in a while loop conditional to read in words from the file, e.g.:
    3) Keep looping until a loop counter reaches the random number, then break out of the loop, and 'word' will contain the word you want.
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    Use <fstream>, rand() and srand()
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    rand() and srand() are in <cstdlib>.

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