Thread: ANY IDEAS, would appreciate any help!

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    ANY IDEAS, would appreciate any help!

    Hey everyone,

    I have to do this final C++ project, this is only a simple introduction to C++ programming class, but I have no clue what to do!

    I have the option of also doing a Grafix project, which uses the GRAFIX.h header file.

    I thought that would be easier, considering I can just come up with some sort of animation, but it's been 2 nights in a row and I'm completely stumped.

    Can someone give me some ideas as to what would be something creative, and possibly any help of where I can find some grafix examples?

    And nothing too complicated, I'm not that great of a programmer.

    I would appreciate your help, thanks!

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    Can't your tutor offer some suggestions, or your class-mates?

    It's really hard to guess what is an acceptable level of difficulty for your project, or for that matter what's acceptable to you.

    Oh well, here's a stab at it.
    Animate the solution to the "Towers of Hanoi"

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