Thread: variable "char" problem

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    variable "char" problem

    I cant get this to work:

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
      char var_name;
      cout<<"Please enter in your name...\n";
      cin>> var_name;
      cout<<"Your name is "<< var_name <<"\n";
    it compiles without any errors but when i enter in a name it bails. if i sent in one character it'll work correctly. How do i get it so that it could with with multiple characters too?

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    Declare var_name to accept multiple characters.
    char var_name[100];
    Next question: how do I get it to accept text with spaces in between? Use getline.

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    A char type can only store one char, so use a "string" type instead, which can store an unlimited number of chars:
    #include <string>
    string name;
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