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    Hi "The Brain"
    can you explain this for
    (int i=0, length=name.size(); i<length; i++)
    i dont really understand it... especially <length=name.size(); i<length>
    thank you

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    for (Initialization section ; Comparison/control/ending section ; Increment/Do every loop (usually related to the previous two sections) )
    //You are not limited to one thing in each section though, you can have as many as you 
    //want in each section seperated by a comma
    for (int i = 0, j = 1, k = 2; i < 10, j < 10; i++, j += 2, k--) 
    	cout << i << " " << j << " " << k << endl;
    //j<10 eval's false first so it stops then.

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    <in response to The Brain's surprise...>

    Quote Originally Posted by SlyMaelstrom
    I'm not. You could do that, but when there is a predefined function for you, what's the point?
    Not to mention, the function islower() is usually implemented as a simple table lookup, rather than a conditional test. Secondly, the test:

    if ( 'a' <= name[i] && name[i] <= 'z' ) { ... }
    will evaluate true for nonalphabetic characters on an EBCDIC machine. Some of us work on those!

    Also, for more safety:

    struct is_lower {
      int operator() ( unsigned char c )
        return islower ( c );
    (note unsigned char parameter type) for the case where char is signed, and the implementation of std::islower is using the aforementioned table lookup. Due to sign extension in that case, the index for the table could end up negative, and would likely exceed the bounds of the table. Admittedly, a few stars have to align, and the moon must be in the seventh house, but it is possible.

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    hi, can this make it into funtion?

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