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    database questions

    I'm trying to make a c++ database for a school project and I'm not too good with c++...i'm wondering if anyone can give me a few tips on how to make search engine function with c++.

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    If you know how to use classes, this may help.

    Try making each entry that the engine has access to a class. Put the words that the search engine should use to select that entry should be in a string, and you can make a function that just goes through, and reads letter by letter, word by word, pausing at the spaces. If the word is a match to one of the ones entered, make another function which displays that entry on screen, then move to the next. The best way to do this would be an array of such a class, and a loop that counts up through the indeces.

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    Wouldn't that be very memory consuming? Is that the only way to do a database in C/C++?
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