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    Couple Quick Questions

    Alright 1. How many of you can just sit down at your computer and whip out a program without looking at a book(other then a simple standard program that prints to the screen). 2. Alright I can go through a lot of code in here and understand what it is doing but when I try to do it myself I have no idea I can't seem to take real world things and put them into code. 3. Alright I am getting closed to finished with my C++ book (practical C++) and I think I am gonna move on to windows programming. If I was to do this would cross referencing be good for learning more then I know from just reading the C++ book. Example like if I don't understand a part of the code in the Windows book reference to my C++ book?. Well thanks everybody


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    After you know the basics. The best way to program is simply sit down and start writing something. You will get stuck, just ask a lot of questions and keep practicing. The best way to become a good programmer is to practice and work with other programmers so that you can work out your problems together.

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