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    Question Structure array problem

    I made my own structure called person it consists of
    struct person
    	char personName[30];
    	int amLevel;
    	int noonLevel;
    	int pmLevel;
    Now I made an array of this structure called
    person patient[25]
    This I know limits the number of names I can put into the array to 25, but one name has everything that is in the structure. So when I call the program that has this structure and there is enough data to fill out 15 structures how can I only print out certain names with that name's info? or if there are many occurances of one name? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    So what I'm basically doing is this:
    c:\>program  //This calls all the info and displays
    c:\>programJohn_Doe  //This calls all occurances of that name 
    c:\>programJohn_Doeam   //This calls all John Does and the am level
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    Well, you'd want to use spaces between those arguments, but if you know how to do this:

    Then it's simple. Fill in your array, then have a loop that checks argv[1] against the values in patient[25].personName[x]. If it finds a match it outputs it. Also if argc > 2, then it can check the next argument against the appropriate variable, etc.
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    Now that helped a lot. Didn't think to use the argc and argv except in my switch statement. Appreciate the help. Thanks a lot.

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