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    Unhappy asm mov

    I use bloodshed dev c++
    I tried to use the prog given in this website and i have got the error message : parse error before 'mov'
    exemple :
    void ReadMouse ()
    asm mov ax, 0x3
    asm int 0x33
    asm mov MouseB, bx
    asm mov MouseX, cx
    asm mov MouseY, dx

    //This procedure sets the mouse cursor to another location
    void SetMouseXY (unsigned int X, unsigned int Y)
    asm mov ax, 0x4
    asm mov cx, X
    asm mov dx, Y
    asm int 0x33
    what wrong ???

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    I think the syntax for inline asm on Mingw is something like -

    __asm ("mov %ax,0x3" );

    however, I don't think you be able to use interupts. So if you want the code to work you'll need a dos compiler.
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