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    looking for a book

    i am looking for a book on making a windows program with visuial 2003 and a book on o.o.p. in c++. prefearably in the same book. i looked all over amazon google and the microsoft website. thank you.

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    37,675 has many book reviews.

    > prefearably in the same book
    My experience is that books which try and do too many things at the same time usually end up failing on all of them. Several focussed books which treat a smaller topics more rigorously are better than a single huge tome which puts you off even reading it because of it's size.

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    The standard book for learning Windows programming is Programming Windows, by Charles Petzold. Until you get your hands on Petzold, take a look at the excellent Forger's Windows Programming Tutorial.

    The Petzold book won't teach you how to use your Visual C++ compiler, or OOP. And, I don't own any good books covering those topics.

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    I've found that you can get just as far with the MSDN articles and tutorials as you can with 99% of the books out there. Food for thought.
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