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    Adding big numbers

    I have a running total that should show up to one billion, maybe ten.

    I've tried adding with int's but ended up with a negative number.

    I tried float and double but got a results of 2.85067e+009

    How can I see it as a whole number like 285067763463?

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    #include <iomanip>
    int main() {
    cout.setf(ios::fixed, ios::floatfield);
    Try adding that to your program.

    Anything bigger than your compiler's long double would require you to find a custom datatype that someone made. Try this:
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    If the number is only going to be positive, you can use unsigned int instead of int. I think an int will hold +/- 2 billion. An unsigned int is roughly 4 billion. For larger numbers, you might consider "long int" if your processor is 64-bit, or a platform-specific 64 bit integer otherwise. For VC, the 64 bit int is type __int64.
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    The _int64 worked. Problem now is if I try std::cout with this variable then I get "'operator <<' is ambiguous" at compile time.

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    Make sure you've included <iostream>, <iostream.h> gives that error.

    Also, use two underscores: __int64.

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