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    inverse matrix

    Hello all:

    My work comes across matrix operation in C++. The rows m and columns n of the matrix m*n usually as big as 10 t0 30.

    The major question is after defining the matrix A, I need to know the inverse matrix A-1('-1' is superscript)

    Who knows the program or way for obtaining inverse matrix?


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    Lol, I learned that formula last year in Algebra II, and now i forget, sorry

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    5,681 (thanks dave ) explains a method for finding an inverse matrix. Basically for this you'll just have to work it out on paper for a NxN matrix and then write a program to do that.

    A method that *might* be easier to implement is:
    A(-1) = (1/det A) adj(A)
    Where adj(A) =
    [C11 C12 ... C1n]
    [C21 C22 ... C2n]
    [... ... ... ...]
    [Cn1 Cn2 ... Cnn]
    Where Cnn is the cofactor of Ann

    That process requires for total calculations but is pretty simple to implement.

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