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    Direct X 9.0

    I've just downloaded this from Microsoft's site, and then installed it. But now i don't know what to do. I am using Visual C++ .net 2003, but when i go to projects what should i pick as my project if i want to make a direct x program? win32 project? I don't really know what direct x is to much, so if someone could explain it. It might help

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    You do use a win32 project, that will make it easy I belive. Cause when you initialize direct x it will ask the HWND of the window you want direct x to use to draw on.

    Here are some good tutorial sites:

    Drunken Hyena Direct x 9 tutorials for native and .net Direct x 8 tutorials, even though direct x 8 you can still learn from it and alot of it can be used in direct x 9

    Hope that helps.

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