Thread: a browser control in a ATL DLL

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    a browser control in a ATL DLL

    well, I am a newbie in C++ and I have some trouble to make an atl dll : in fact I want to create an atl dll called htmretiever ,using VC 7, with one single method retrieve(url as string).
    When I call the retrieve method using vbscript like this :

    set myObj = createObject("htmretiever.retriever")
    content = myObj.retrieve("")

    I want that the Atl object call a hidden browser control and tell him to browse the url given as parameter and then return the HTML content as string to my vbscript. I know that there is others method to get the content of the web page, but for some reason I need to call the ibrowser object to do this work.
    I think that my dll should implement CWindowImpl but I don't know how to write the DLL...
    Please help me and thanks in advance.

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    Well no body can help me whith this!!

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    So you want the html text in your content variable, and you want to call this from vbscript? Do you want to write this yourself, or are you okay with using what is already there? I.e. I think this is what you want:

    targetURL = ""

    Set xml = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")

    xml.Open "GET", targetURL, False
    Wscript.Echo xml.Responsetext
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