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    I am trying to insert data from a file into a struct and then a singly linked list. The file has 9 rows of data per entry and 10 entries. Each entry contains 5 char rows, 1 double and 3 ints. I am missing something here, the printed list skips over several rows and only contains 2 of the 10 entries. I believe the problem lies in the struct portion of the code. Please give me some insight and direction. I've attached the file since it is to big to post here.

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    The >> operator will leave a '\n' in the input buffer, so everytime you use it before getline you'll have to remove the '\n'. Your file read should be something like this -

    			inFile >> temp.price;
    			inFile >> temp.copyrightDate;
    			inFile >> temp.quantity;
    			inFile >> temp.status;
    			readInv(&head, temp);//call function to fill linked-lists

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    zen, I cannot thank you enough! It worked like a charm and that's a beautiful thing. Again, thanks so much, you are number one in my book, thanks and thanks.

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