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    Math Type Question

    I wasn't sure were to post this but here is my question...

    I have this formula type thing to fill a 4*4 matrix (for directx) but they use 3 functions that I have no clue about.

    zaxis = normal(At - Eye)
    xaxis = normal(cross(Up, zaxis))
    yaxis = cross(zaxis, xaxis)
     xaxis.x           yaxis.x           zaxis.x          0
     xaxis.y           yaxis.y           zaxis.y          0
     xaxis.z           yaxis.z           zaxis.z          0
    -dot(xaxis, eye)  -dot(yaxis, eye)  -dot(zaxis, eye)  1
    I don't know normal, cross, or dot. I tried to look them up but didn't get far, I think I have a little understanding of dot though.

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