Thread: Questions about basic chat application

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    Questions about basic chat application

    I've seen it before, simple command applications written in C++ that are capiable of displaying incoming chat while waiting for input (The chat is kept at the top while waiting for input at the bottom). I've been wondering how this is done. I've been thinking about it, working too much lately to work on it a lot. I was wondering if someone could give me some ideas as to how this works. I was thinking that possibly its multithreaded, 3 threads, display, standard input and socket reading. Could this be it, or am I just making this so much more complicated then it would ever have to be. Sometimes I do this (over complicate things).

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and after I get started on the code I'll post it regardless.

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    This is system-specific. There is no way to write to a specific place on the screen using standard-portable C++.

    With a Windows application, you can stick text or graphics anywhere in the window.

    There might be some information on how to do it in a Windows Console on the MSDN Console Reference.

    And, these applications are probably multi-threaded too. (Also system-specific.) You could do it by looping & branching within a single thread... updating the background-chat and/or keyboard input each time through the loop.
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