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    >> what's so wrong about using cstrings in me' code..?!?!?

    Nothing. It's your choice. IMO many C++ programmers (especially beginners) would benefit from learning and using C++ tools, and many just use C versions because their class/instructor/book uses them and they don't know any better. I can see wanting to stay consistent when going through Petzold, but the algorithm above would be simpler, easier and safer (IMO) with C++ tools.

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    One thing I see is this Brain. You need to add + 1 on your new's because strlen does not count the null terminator. E.G
    #include <iostream>
    #include <cstring>
    int main()
        unsigned int getLen = std::strlen("Hello\0");
        return 0;
    This is 5 not 6.

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    good catch...

    (so many little nuances to remember..!!! )
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    There's also no need to add the null terminator to the string literals. It is there automatically.

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