Thread: how to move character in maze

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    how to move character in maze

    My question is:
    I have to write a game that allows the user to navigate through a maze. I have written most of the code but am stuck at this function:
    moveCharacter-move the user's character to a different location in the maze. The character can only move up, down, left and right and can quit.
    Now I think I have to use getch(), but I'm not sure how to write when the user is going up, down, left and right. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Here is a program I wrote a little while back. It's simulating an active interface with gotoxy(). It should solve your problem. I hope you are using a GCC compiler. Otherwise I could edit it for you.
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    Need more information please. Are you having trouble graphically moving the character? Getting the input to move the character(getch)? Testing for wall collision?
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    well heres what i have so far...

    void moveCharacter()
            char x;
    	char charPos='*';
    	x= getch();
    		charPos -=1;
    * is the character, this is the code i wrote to when the user wants to go up..not sure if this is right.....not sure how to write for down, left and right

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    This is vague, but so is your post.

    bool DoMove(int iYOffset,int iXOffset)
      //Calculate new player position
      UINT iRow=Player.y+iYOffset;
      UINT iCol=Player.x+iXOffset;
      //Bounds check
      if (iRow<0 || iRow>maxrows || iCol<0 || iCol>maxcols) return false;
      //Compute new offset in maze
      UINT mazeoffset=iRow*mazewidth+iCol;
      //Bounds check
      if (mazeoffset>0 && mazeoffset<mazetotalsize)
         //Check if maze cell is empty
         if (Maze[offset]==MAZE_EMPTY) 
           return true;
         } else return false;
      return false;
    Pass the desired offset to the function. Return true on success and false on error. MAZE_EMPTY can be 0 or any value you want. MAZE_PLAYER can be 1, 2 , etc. MAZE_WALL should be another value to represent a wall.

    Get the key input from the player, set the offsets and call DoMove() with the offsets.

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