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    Unhappy Strcat function problems

    Ok, Im having a problem here. I have the user type a string in which goes to char string[10]; I then do a for loop on the string bypassing if a space is found and if a letter is found i wanted to copy the letter to another string result[10]; my code is strcat(result, string[x]) where x is the for loops timer from 0 -9. I get an error saying something about const char and pointer and how i cant use it.... It seems to me like cat only works on strings and you are not allowed to add letters to the end of a string. Please help me.

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    Exactly. You cannot add a single character to a string with strcat. The string class in <string> is a lot easier to use. You can add it directly to the string by using the assigning to the index, and then putting the '\0' at the spot after.

    char name[10] = "Joe";
    name[3] = 'y';
    name[4] = '\0';
    /* name now Joey */

    but it's a lot of work.

    Using std::string, it's like this.

    std::string name = "Joe"; // notice no length needed
    name += 'y';
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