Thread: Updating an integer according to time?

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    Question Updating an integer according to time?

    Is there a command to update an int according to the time using a command? Say i have somthing like:


    int x=rand() % 15;

    //command here?

    Where that second x is I need it to be different than the first one, but using the same int. Is this possible?

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    try random(time);

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    Didnt work.

    I forgot to add that I am using Windows 2000 and MSVC++.

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    Do you simply want another random number for x?
    You only need to call srand() once at the start of the main
    x = rand() % 15;
    would give you a new random number, but using the same random seed as before

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    Hmmm...didnt do what I wanted it to do. Let me try to explain what I want in a better way.

    What I'm doing is that I'm making a little RPG battle system. Since you dont know how many times you are going to hit the enemy, you don't know how many times you have to make another int for that attack. So what I'm wondering is, is there a way to keep updating an int while in the program?

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    just use a while loop.

    while(monster != DEAD && character != DEAD)
    get random number;
    act on it accordingly;
    if someone dies set their status to DEAD (enum works well for this);
    } // loop ends when 1 thing dies
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Awesome, thanks it worked

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