Thread: _bstr_t help needed

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    _bstr_t help needed

    Hi all ,
    could anyone please help ,
    I am keeping getting app crashes with my app
    I suspect the following code
    Could anyone have a look and help ,
    In addition , could any one explain what are the diffrences between the _bstr_t constructor , and if I have to free them ?

    Thanks very much

    BOOL CMSInterface::ConvertBSTRtoCharWithoutTerminator(BSTR i_sStr,char* o_Str,long *o_Length)
    	bool retVal = true;
    	_bstr_t bstrObj(i_sStr, FALSE);
    	*o_Length = bstrObj.length();
    	long lLen = WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP, 0, i_sStr,(*o_Length-2), o_Str, *o_Length, NULL, NULL);
    		*o_Length-= 2;
    		retVal = true;
    		*o_Length =0;
    		retVal = false;
    	return retVal;

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    when you use the _bstr_t constructor with the second argument FALSE, the _bstr_t class takes ownership of the BSTR object passed as the first argument. That means you can not laster use SysFreeString() to free up the memory because _bstr_t will do that when the class is destroyed. My hunch is that the function that called ConvertBSTRtoCharWithoutTerminator() is calling SystFreeString() on i_sStr, and that will crash because it has already been freed when ConvertBSTRtoCharWithoutTerminator returns.

    One of two possible solutinos:
    1. do not use the constructor that takes ownership of the string. Use one of the other constructors that will duplicate the string.
    _bstr_t b(i_sStr);
    2. Do not use _bstr_t class at all, but use the BSTR directly.
    // get the number of bytes allocated to the BSTR
    *o_Length = *(long *)(i_sStr-2);
    // or get the string length, which may or may not be the same
    *o_Length = wcslen(i_sStr);
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