Thread: **struggling Programmer Needs Help Badly**

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    **struggling Programmer Needs Help Badly**

    Ok im in my 2nd year@teesside uni (england) on a BSc Computer Games Programming course.
    We are regularly set 'milestones' which we must complete as part of a module in the course.
    I need some tips/guidance/code to complete one of the milestones which i am having problems on.

    Milestone 1
    The requirements for this milestone are to create functionality that:

    - Allows the screen to be cleared to an arbitrary colour
    - Allows a pixel on the screen to be set to an arbitrary colour
    - Runs at a decent frame rate

    In order to test that the milestone requirements have been met you need to show:

    - Clearing the screen to a colour
    - Drawing a star filled background
    - Documentation needs to be available.

    anybody got any ideas on how i should go about this?
    the starry background could be done using a setpixel function to set the correct pixel & the rand() function to create random values onscreen. however my codewriting skills aren't fantastic so i would appreciate a little help from any of the pros onboard here.

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    Retake year 1 perhaps?

    Or at least post some attempt at the first one (how hard can memset be?), post what you have and don't forget to tell everyone what your OS / Compiler / Graphics library is.

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    Graphics belong to game programming. As you already posted there this thread can be closed.

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