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    Cool Scanning ...

    I have tried a lot of methods but all have failed so I need some help from wounderful smart people like you

    I am trying to scan a single directory and return all the files in that directory.

    Does anyone know how I can go about this?


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    depends on the operating system but all of them involve some sort of recursion. For MS-Windows see FindFirstFile() and FindNextFile() win32 api functions. When a directory is encountered, make a recursive call and start all over again in the new directory.

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    You could just use the system function (which sends commands to the OS).
    But instead of call it, cout it.

    For a Windows based OS, the following will work:
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main ()
    	cout << system("dir");
    return 0;
    Just search google for attributes to dir command, say for alphabetical order, by file size, ect. If that is what you are asking/trying to do?

    The code I posted will just display the directory of the exe. See google dir search for displaying it for any directory. Just remember to ‘escape’ the \ in c++ so it would be c:\\directory.
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    What I am trying to do is return each indvidual file in a directory. I cant use FindNextFile etc because to m knowledge they are only for Windows OS, I have a Linux OS. I do like the dir command but I cant see how it would return individual files.


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    Check the FAQ: Level 3 - Accessing a directory and all the files within it.

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