Thread: [ANN] New script engine (Basic sintax)

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    [ANN] New script engine (Basic sintax)

    Expandable Basic interpreter


    Our firm has developed the interpreter of language Basic "Open Basic".

    Versions for Windows (BCB60, MSVC7) and Linux (GCC 3.2.2) are accessible.

    The full interpreter, without virtual machines.

    English page:

    IDE for Open Basic page (it is written on BCB60):

    Mirror of English page:

    Mirror of IDE for Open Basic page:

    Open Basic (OB) is realization of the interpreter of language Basic.
    OB is developed for embed to user application as a script language.
    User may attach (connect) user function to Open Basic execution system.

    The user functions can be written on C/C++, assembler or others languages.

    The user functions can receive parameters from the Basic-program and return
    results to Basic-program.

    Program interface of user functions allows determine type and order of
    parameters at run-time.

    OB realizes a subset of commands of language Basic.

    OB it is written completely on C++ and it is realized as a class with a
    name ob_obasic.

    OB supports data of three types: floating point, signed integer,
    and string and arrays of these types.

    OB has multithread-safe code.

    All libraries is freeware.

    Yours faithfully
    MKTMK Software Company

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