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    input out file linklists

    can anybody help me get a input file to input number data one line at a time and then output it to a output file. it reads the data but does not stop and move to another line. I need the data to stop after the first full line and then start on the second.

    int main()
      outputs the file
    	ifstream fin;
    	ofstream fout;
    	gives the array a variable name
    	lref head;
    	head = NULL;
    	lref end;
    	lref tail;
    	end = new Node;
    	if (head == NULL)
    		head = end;
    		tail= end;
    		end->next = new Node;
"input.txt");  //opens the input file
    	if (
    		cout <<"Input file failed." << endl;
"outs.txt");  //opens the output file
    	if (  //  will output a error if the output file fails
    		cout << "Output file failed." << endl;
    	gives the decimal point and sets it to 2
    	outputs the average and total info to the output file for display
    	fout << "January" <<setw(15) << "February" << setw(15) << "March" << setw(15) << "Average" << endl;
    		TotalSales sum(lref& head);
    		fin >> head->data;
    		fout <<head->data << setw(15);		
    while (! fin.eof());
    	fout.close();  //closes the output file
    	delete head, end, tail;
    	system("pause"); // pauses the screen after the program runs
    	return 0;

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    >> TotalSales sum(lref& head);

    I'm not sure I understand your problem, but the line of code above does nothing, it just declares a function but doesn't call it. Maybe you were expecting that code to be called?

    >> delete head, end, tail;

    Also, that line is wrong, you must call delete on each of those separately if they all need to be deleted.

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