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    help with functions in Admin Interface

    I have only been programming for about 7 weeks now and our current assignment is enormous. We have to make an Admin Interface that asks for a login and then verifies it. Then we have to show a full line up of options and do those as well. If anyone could help me with the admin login part it would be greatly appreciated. Here is the part I am not sure how to do.

    There are supposed to be two seperate functions.

    • ValidateAdmin
    o This function receives the id and password, and validate if the id-password pair is valid
    o If the id-password is valid, a true value is returned. Otherwise, a false value is returned instead
    • AdminLogin 巳
    o Prompt and accept a admin’s ID and password, and return this information to the calling function
    o The ID and password returned to the calling function must be valid
    o In case of the invalid ID-password pair entered, an error message must be displayed and a new input is prompted until a valid ID/password pair is provided

    This is my code for them.....Any input would be great.

    bool ValidateAdmin() {
    	ifstream AdminIn;
    	string Id, Password, admin;
 , ios::in);
    	getline(AdminIn, Id);
    	while(!AdminIn.eof()) {
    	getline(AdminIn, Password);
    		//clear screen and return to main menu.
    		getline(AdminIn, Id);
    	if(Id !=Password){
    		cout<<"Invalid user Id and password combination!";
    	if(Id = EnterId && password = EnterPassword){
    		ValidateAdmin = true
    	else ValidateAdmin = false;
    	return ValidateAdmin;
    string AdminLogin {
    	string EnterId, EnterPassword;
    	cout<<"*****   ADMIN LOGIN   *****";
    	cout<<"Enter user ID:";
    	cout<<"Enter a password:";
    	return EnterId;
    	return EnterPassword;
    What way should I be doing this to match the way he is explaining it?

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    return EnterId;
    return EnterPassword;
    I dont think that you can return two values to the calling should declare a variable that concatenates the user name and password and send it to the calling function.
    if(Id = EnterId && password = EnterPassword){
    Lvalue required.
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