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    Exclamation Case statement help

    I am using this site to teach myself C++ and am doing very well. I am taking notes on everything that I read (hell I even write down the quizes and grade myself). One thing that I don't really understand is the following question:

    What is the result of the folowing code:
    switch(x) {
    case1: cout<<"One";
    case0: cout<<"Zero";
    case2: cout<<"Hello World";
    The answer to the question is: ZeroHello World
    I just don't understand how the program would come out with this out come. Can anyone help me understand?

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    Because it starts at x, then goes in ascending order until it reaches a break. for example:

    case 1: cout<<"One"; break;
    case 0: cout<<"Zero";
    case 2: cout<<"Two";
    The preceding code would print: ZeroTwo. break's tell the switch statement where to stop, not putting them in makes the statement go to the next number in the list.

    EDIT: I shouldn't say number, it goes to the next case in the list, mb
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    Thank you for clearing that up for me. I really appreciate it.

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