Thread: any leaks?

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    any leaks?


    is this properly released? or do i need to do more?

    typedef void(Object::*Event)(void*)); //pointer to function
    Event *events = new Event[size]; //array of these pointers
    //some other code
    if(events != NULL)
    	delete [] events;

    or this one?

    LPD3DXMESH* ppMeshTemp = new LPD3DXMESH;
    LPD3DXMESH* meshes = new LPD3DXMESH[2];
    meshes[0] = *ppMeshTemp;
    meshes[1] = *ppMeshTemp;
    delete [] meshes;
    SAFE_RELEASE( (*ppMeshTemp) );
    delete[] ppMeshTemp;
    because there's a pretty good chance they're leaking.

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    In the first one, the new's and delete's match up, and since you created an array with new, you properly used '[]' when deleting.

    In the second one, ppMeshTemp doesn't point to an array, so you wouldn't use "[]" when deleting. I'm not familiar with the macro:

    SAFE_RELEASE( (*ppMeshTemp) );

    so I don't know what it does.

    Also, you can delete a null pointer, so you don't need an if check.
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    Possibly a leak, to be safe I would release each one individually.

    for( int i=0; i<2; i++ )
      meshes[i]->Release(); //Or your safe release macro
    There is no need to delete the pointers because DX's Release function does this for you, and is the proper way to do it.
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